A year for ‘me’

Back in September I walked up the steps to a big scary building to attend college. I went to study a course that I in fact knew I didn’t love or have a passion for. I always felt pressured to do a very academic course, not by anyone in particular but by society as a whole. It seems for some reason that unless you’re doing a science or an arts degree you’re pretty irrelevant in Secondary School. I have always wanted to do Drama or Make-up but those subjects were never praised in school. I am not blaming anyone for the college course I chose, but I do think that society has a big part to play in any child’s life, especially in school.

Anyway, I ended up LOVING college and everything about it – the opportunities, the food, the societies, the nights out – everything except my course. I just couldn’t sacrifice completing a degree that I had no interest in for a couple of nights out and a froyo at lunch.

So I took the plunge of making myself happy. I decided to disregard everyone’s advice to ‘stick it out’ and ‘finish the year and see how you go.’ I knew what I wanted and this was not it!

So now, four months later I can honestly say I could not be happier. Not only do I have all the opportunities in the world, but I am so proud of myself for being brave enough to do this. (WHY do we all find it so hard to say we are proud of ourselves?) I am now studying Makeup, something I have wanted to do forever! As you can probably tell I love lists! Here are a couple of things I’ve learned during my ‘Year For ‘Me’ so far.

      1. Being happy is easier than you think

ALL you have to do, is STOP MAKING EXCUSES. For two months during college, I made up excuses as to why I should stay in the course and do what society wants me to do. If you stop doing what you need and start doing what you want in life you will be a MILLION times happier.

     2.  There is life outside school/college

For so long the Leaving Cert was portrayed as the most important event of your life. Years went by and we were told that our studies were a priority, over sports, drama or hobbies. I realise now that that is so untrue and completely ridiculous! Once you start focusing on what your dream really is, it all comes together. If your dream is not to go to college that is fine! If your dream is to go to college and become a doctor that is fine too! I just really wish I was told years ago that school/college is not your life. It is a stepping stone, if that is the direction you want to go in! There are so many other paths, you just have to find yours.

     3. Finding the right friends

It can be difficult to make friends, especially at a young age. We are constantly changing and growing into different people, learning new things, changing our attitudes and having ‘friends by circumstance’ is really convenient. When you are taken out of your normal environment be it school, college or work we could find ourselves wondering who our real friends are. ‘Friends by circumstance’ and real friends are two very different things. I have learned so much about having/keeping in touch with friends over the last couple of months. In society, girls are so pressured to have a huge group of friends where everyone gets along and everyone likes you. That is never the case, because you will never please everyone. Even if you are Mother Teresa people will find a reason to disregard you. Finding those two or three friends that know you better than anyone and would drop everything for you is all you need. But remember, you need to love yourself before anyone else can.

Also, without this year I would not have built up the courage to start this blog and have faith in myself. Taking time for you is so important and you never know where it might lead you!



This ‘Year for Me’ has started me on the right path to loving myself, being happier and in the wise wise words of Kylie Jenner, ‘realising stuff.’

Although it may not be a whole year (I was just being greedy), taking time to focus on the things that make you most happy in life may lead you to a brighter and more self-fulfilling life ahead.











How I prep my skin

Hello, Hello Happy Wednesday! I actually can’t believe it is mid-week already and Friday is almost here! Hope the week is going smoothly for you all.

Today I set up a poll on Twitter and the majority of the votes were for this blog post, but definitely let me know if the others interest you and I’ll get working on them soon!

Just a disclaimer – this skincare routine is for my skin type, and you must research the product ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin!

I usually have 4 steps to my skincare routine, but it may vary depending on what I think my skin needs that day.

Step 1

I cleanse my face using the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. It is such a good product and almost leaves my skin feeling plump after using it. I was advised to make a lather in my hands before applying it on the face, and to wash it off with warm water to open the pores for further products. A 75ml tube is €10 from Debenhams, which is so affordable especially for a Kiehl’s product!


Step 2

I always make sure to use a serum. Serums are great products because they ensure the products following it seep into the skin more, which ultimately makes the best of the products you are buying. Im sure you will all agree when I say to never waste products, especially when they are expensive! I use the Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum. However, I was given loads of samples, so I haven’t had to purchase it just yet. It is great, but you could definitely get something else that does the same job, for half the price!


Step 3

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I cannot stress enough how important this is! Often times people with oily skin think they don’t need moisturiser because their skin is oily enough… that is not true! Your skin could be overproducing oil because of the lack of moisturiser you use! I use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream and absolutely love it. It leaves my skin almost tacky but not sticky. It looks so refreshed and moisturised. If you’re putting makeup on afterwards, it allows it to glide on seamlessly. I love it!


Step 4

I use a face mask every second day, depending on what my skin needs that day. Once a month I do two-three facemasks in a row… just to spoil myself! It is a lovely thing to do, especially after a stressful month and using the right facemasks can really make you feel so much more awake and relaxed. Bubble up the bath, take out the chocolates and have an hour to yourself, we deserve it!

I am dry to normal, so the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Second Skin Mask is the best for my skin! (Even though it is SUCH a mouthful!) It is honestly incredible, and I have tried countless facemasks, but none leave my face looking as refreshed, plump and hydrated! It is the DREAM facemask, but is definitely pricey! However, I am telling you now – you are getting value for money which is what I’m all about! Although it says once a week on the package I was actually advised to use it once per month because it is very effective!


Another facemask I love is the GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud Firming Treatment. It was all over Instagram and Snapchat for a long time, but I don’t usually obey by trends at the time – so I was late jumping on this bandwagon. I never usually invest in expensive products like these, unless I have heard really good reviews from Youtubers, Bloggers or friends! It is really incredible, and leaves my face looking really awake and revitalised.


I really hope you liked this post, its a long one but it was highly requested!



Hello, hello – apologies for the lack of blog posts I have had  a hectic couple of days to say the least! Traveling up and going to college in Dublin can seriously take its toll!

In the last few weeks our family have gotten two new puppies, Riley and Bailey

Riley Gilmore

Then just the other day we decided to add another addition to the family – Benjy

Benjy Donoghue

So why did we travel across the country to get these pups you ask? 3 Reasons:

My first King Charles was Robbie and I have spoken about him on the blog before. Without sounding soppy or rehearsed, Robbie taught me what no person ever could.

To love unconditionally.

Robs loved everyone he met – woman, child, man, alien – it didn’t matter. He was a dog (as much as he wanted to be human!) and dogs love people because of their hearts not their appearance. Robbie saw me on my worst days – it was definitely my heart he loved, haha!

To forgive

No matter how many times I told him he could not have any more of my cupán tae, or how many times I teased him with my Chinese take out – he still loved me. He always forgave me and licked my hands to try get whatever remains of the Chinese he could lol. He taught me that forgiveness isn’t about an apology, or a mistake – it’s about mutual love.

To have faith in myself

To be perfectly honest, I have no explanation or proof for this one. Robbie was my best friend, and I simply knew he believed in me. Over the seven years, and especially after he passed away – I began to realise what he saw. I can do anything. He could do anything. You can do anything, if you love yourself and have faith. I know it sounds cliché and cringey to say the least, but everything happens for a reason.img_00181514614_10200933509055432_8897268061272377602_n

I know this post is a bit shorter, and a bit random – but I want to keep it real and this is what is happening in my life. I hope it has helped yours.

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Hey guys! Hope the week is going smoothly.

Recently I have been thinking more and more about what I can do to better my future. It can be hard to imagine how impactful today is to next month or next year. I wanted to share with you some things I believe are so important to do for ‘future me.’

1) Wear SPF!!

I cannot stress how important it is to wear SPF AT ALL TIMES. Even if you are in Ireland on a rainy day just running some errands, there are still UV rays affecting your skin and most of us don’t wear SPF. Women especially – we have no excuse! Most foundations have an SPF of 15 or higher in them nowadays. For those women who won’t wear an SPF foundation because it will give you ‘ghost face’ when a camera flashes – not to worry, there is no flashback when the SPF is below 25. I honestly think it so important to wear it because not only does it save your skin from damage, but it also saves it from ageing prematurely. I bet if you asked any older woman why she has gorgeous skin – what will she say?? SPF!

2) Appreciate everything

As cringey and as cliché as this sounds, it’s true. I don’t just mean a roof over your head and your food etc. I mean everything. That friend that is always there for you that you don’t give enough credit to, your parents, a person that smiles at you as you walk down a busy street…  For me it was my dog Robbie. He was always there to comfort me after a bad day, to lay next to me as I fell asleep, to eat dinner with me at the table and I sit here wondering how I let all of these things go unnoticed every day. Although all Robbie really wanted was some chicken and ham from our fridge, I realise now that he made my life infinitely better the past 7 years and I will forever be grateful for that. Don’t wait for something drastic to happen to realise all of this, like I did.

3) Forgive

‘Forgive and forget’, ‘let the past be the past’ are just some of the over-used phrases we hear day in day out. So much so, that they lose their value but if you apply them to your life in a practical way, I promise you you’ll appreciate it. Sometimes it is easier to be angry, rather than let your guard down with someone, isn’t it? Do yourself a favour, just let go of your angers and frustrations with that colleague, friend, parent or partner. ‘Future you’ will thank you for it, believe me! There is no time like the present and forgiving now will ultimately mean a better, easier future when it comes to relationships.

4) Don’t have regrets

When I say don’t have regrets, what I really mean is do what you want to do nowHow can you tell your children, or your grandchildren to ‘follow their dreams’ if you never followed yours? It will not only be liberating but it will make you proud. People always say ‘life got in the way, so I couldn’t ____’ No, life did not get in the way – you did! If it means quitting that job, taking up a new hobby, or giving up a bad habit – just do it! Put down that cigarette, play that piano, walk out of that job that makes you nothing but miserable – and do what you want to do – for ‘future you.’

5) Talk to someone

This one brings me right back to Secondary School, where this is repeated in your ear every day. However, I cannot stress enough how important this is for ‘future you.’ It is often recommended to talk to a family member, or a close friend – but sometimes it is easier to talk to someone that it totally removed from the situation. People have this stigma around mental health and that it isn’t a real issue because it isn’t physical. They are wrong. It may not even be that you have a serious issue, sometimes it is just nice to talk to someone. Go to your GP, an old friend that you haven’t spoken to in years, someone that you know will listen. This is probably the best thing you could do for ‘future you.’ Relieving your body of these worries will allow you to move forward and better that ‘future you.’

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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I honestly feel like Snapchat has taken over social media totally. I for one totally depend on Snapchat for the daily updates on both my friends and my favourite bloggers/snapchatters. I just love how real and unfiltered it is, unlike Instagram or Facebook these days, two apps that are being opened less and less each day by me. So here are 5 of my favourite Snapchatters:

1) @retroflame1

Erika Fox runs a blog called Retro Flame, snapchats daily, Instagrams, vlogs and lives in New York at the same time. I love her Snapchat because her snaps are unfiltered, genuine and she doesn’t talk about nothing. I find these days that a lot of the blogging community have forgotten why they have followers. We follow because we want to hear about products, fashion, countries etc and Erika informs us, while keeping it entertaining with her different social media platforms. She is also really responsive which is such a lovely aspect in a blogger especially considering how big the industry has become. Plus, her organisational skills will give you lifeee.

2) @FacesByGrace23

Grace Mongey is a daily snap chatter, mother to Sienna  Harper and a lovely girl. Her snaps are so real, and so Irish! If you love hilarious people you have to follow her! She says it how it is, doesn’t sugarcoat and still informs us on all good products she uses on a daily basis. Plus all of her meals look amazing, and she often does some ‘how-to’ cooking.

3) @rosieconnxxx

I love Rosie’s snaps because every product that she has recommended that I have bought, has lived up to the standard she set it at. She posted a photo a couple of days ago on her snapchat and Instagram without makeup, totally unfiltered. She spoke about how insecure and scary it is to come on camera without makeup or a filter etc. It is so hard for girls to live up to the unrealistic standards some bloggers set these days, so it was truly refreshing to see Rosie set a good example for young girls these days. Not only did she say it was okay to come on camera without makeup, but she also set a great example to girls about being proud of yourself, embracing yourself and your  so-called ‘flaws’.I have followed Rosie for quite a while now and it isn’t the first time she has started a conversation like this, which is what all bloggers should be doing in my opinion.

4) @Niamhos21

Niamh is an Irish blogger living in New York. Her blog Cinnamon Soul is definitely my favourite blog ever! She is absolutely hilarious and so very very Irish! Her snaps are very real, unfiltered and she is able to just have a laugh which is what we all really want in the end isn’t it? I always end up feeling motivated to start my day after reading her blog and her snapchat is no different. Not to mention, she is such a lovely girl!

5) @cartermarissa

Marissa Carter, where to start! Well for one, her sheer success in the industry would make you want to follow her immediately! She is constantly encouraging and giving people advice on Snapchat. She really does keep it real. I went to her Masterclass in the Shelbourne hotel only to realise that she is even more lovely in person. I am sure you are already following her, but if not you definitely should be.

                                       Marissa’s Masterclass, The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

I hope you like this post!

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Happy Monday everyone! Lets get the week off to a good start and share some honest opinions on my experience while studying in New York.

1) Remembering The Basics

Isn’t this what we have parents for?! I for one found it so strange having to walk into a shop and buy, well… adult things! Soap, toilet paper, bread… The list goes on. I would get home some days and remember that toothpaste doesn’t magically appear on my sink, but I have to buy it… myself..

2) You work hard to eat in New York

The streets of New York are lined with Thai, Chinese, Indian, pizza, basically any kind of food a girl could ask for. HOWEVER, getting a cab to these places was difficult to say the least. I am so short, so seeing my tiny hand at the side of a busy New York street is next to impossible. This lead to me walking almost everywhere to get food, so by the time I had walk there in 30 degree weather, ate and walked all the way back… The food was definitely earned.

3) Age is just a number

In my experience, New Yorkers treat all ages the same. Not once did anyone question me, a 16 year old walking around New York on my own. But don’t be fooled, this also comes with a consequence. New York shows no mercy! You have to work hard to live in this city, and I only spent 2 weeks there.

4)New York Wont Wait for You

From my experience, New York will not wait around for you. If you don’t move quickly, don’t move at all. You have to work harder, think faster, move quicker, or you simply won’t survive – and it IS that simple. I studied Musical Theatre in New York, and it applied here too. I am not nor will I ever be a dancer, so I had to work ten times harder than some of the girls in there. However, I am a singer and I still had to work harder than I ever worked before to achieve New York’s standard of work ethic. Energy will flow out of you that you never knew you had when you come to this city.

5) From Ireland to Madison

Coming from a very quiet street in an even more quiet town, to Madison Avenue, New York was quite a switch. I remember trying to drown out the noise with Beats headphones in my apartment, but I have to give it to you New York, you are VERY persistent. Falling asleep wasn’t difficult for me because I’m like a log when I sleep – but my housemates were driven insane by the constant beeping and sirens right outside our window. (its not all glamour, even on Madison)

6) Being Irish is like being famous

EVERYONE wants to know your story if you’re Irish in New York. Where do you come from? Did you know St. Patrick? Have you climbed Croagh Patrick? (the answer to that was a solid no, but I did attempt) It is very fun though, having a New Yorker find an Irish girl’s life so interesting, when I know so many of us long to have their lifestyle. Little did they know all I did back then was go from school to home with very little in between.

7) You don’t have to travel far to find adventure

New York is a hub for all things glamour, so a trip to The Plaza was a must of course. My friend Lia and I snook up to the ballroom to see if we could get a peek in at the infamous room, starred in so many movies (one of my favs being Bride Wars). We were caught by a security guard, but this actually ended up being the best trouble we ever got into… He offered us a tour of one of the suites! The picture in my previous post was actually taken in that suite, by the security guard lol. My point is, go sneak in somewhere and see where it takes you, haha! (Just kidding)

8)Money means manners

New York is so expensive, so naturally if you are there people presume you have money. However I was 16, so there was only so much I could buy. It was very entertaining and scary having someone in Macy’s show me an 8000 dollar watch, when the next purchase on my mind was soap. People in retail will sell grass to the Irish, and promise you the world because they think you have money. But in the end, I went to buy soap.

9) Being Yourself is easier

New York is such a diverse place and 16, such a vulnerable age. I honestly think that New York taught me so much about who I am as a person, and also who I want to be. Of course the majority of the people I met were lovely, but the other few reminded me of who I do not want to be. New York is a tough place, but because of the diverse culture it allowed me to find who I was express it and ship it back to Ireland in 2 weeks, haha. No, I’m not saying I came back to Ireland a different person, but I did appreciate how much New York allowed me to grow as a person and I will forever love it for that. Being yourself is far easier in a big city. Nobody knows you, so nobody judges you.

10) Meeting People is magical

Regardless of the strangers I met along the way, I also met an amazing group of people in my time studying here. I honestly think that out of all of the things I experienced in New York, making friends for life is what took my heart. I know it sounds cliché, but the people I met with, laughed with, danced (terribly) with, and sang with are what makes New York a warm, homely place for me.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I loved writing it!

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My Top 5 Beauty Products

Hey guys! I hope your weekend is as wild as mine (currently drinking tea and doing assignments) Here are my top 5 Beauty Products recently.

1) Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

This foundation is INCREDIBLE. It is very creamy, so be warned – a little goes a LONG way!! It is full coverage, but is definitely buildable, and does not go cakey on me. I purchased mine from Space NK on Grafton Street, but there is also a Space NK in Harvey Nichols, Dundrum. It was 50 euro, which is quite pricey, but in my opinion definitely worth it, because it will last a long time. If you are looking for something similar (full coverage, buildable and a stick) the Makeup Forever HD foundation Stick would be perfect, and is 35 euro instead. The only difference I find, is that the Hourglass stick is higher coverage, which I love (us girls would justify anything for makeup).

2) L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer – Guerlain

I purchased this Primer when I was away in Prague during the Christmas, and I have not seen it in any of the Guerlain counters that I have been to since! However, it is not discontinued so I would definitely suggest keeping an eye out for this primer. It contains ‘pure gold complexion-perfecting flecks’, as it states on the Sephora website. So this primer definitely costs a small fortune at 70 euro, but luckily I walked into Sephora on the right day and got a 40% discount in their sale, costing me 42 euro (how could a girl say no to a gold face primer? Lol) Although I don’t know if the gold flecks actually do anything I do know that the primer really hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling cool and fresh before putting my makeup on. If your skin is on the drier side, this primer would be perfect for you.

3) Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gel

This product, without a doubt has been the most used and abused! It is an absolute lifesaver if you don’t feel like tanning your entire body, or simply want a natural glow. I usually apply it to my neck, hands and ankles to make it look like I am a bronzed goddess lol. Although initially it will look really dark coming out of the tube, after you blend it into the skin it will make you gorgeously bronzed. I use the Cocoa Brown brush that can be purchased in Meaghers Pharmacy for 13 euro, which makes all the difference when it comes to applying it. It makes it much easier, and doesn’t soak up half as much product as a tanning mitt does. I usually mix in the Rose Gold Goddess Oil  which can also be purchased in Meaghers Pharmacy, to give you even more of a gorgeous glow.

4) Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kim K.W

This lipstick is the perfect pinky-nude and suits all skin tones! It is almost totally opaque and is very creamy and moisturising on the lips. The only thing I will say is, after a while it will ball up on the lips if not used with a lip liner – Koko K from Kylie cosmetics is fab with this!

5) Soleil Tan de Chanel

This is my FAVOURITE cream bronzer ever! Now it is by Chanay-nay so it is pricey at 45 euro, but it is huge and will last you a very long time! I am much more into the overall bronzy look recently, instead of very sharp contouring, as I think this looks much more youthful and fresh. It has a very dewy, soft finish and although there is no actual glitter in it, it leaves your skin with a lovely glow. Not to mention the smell is delicious!! It only comes in one colour though which makes no sense to me because it will not be a bronzer for all skin colours, but it is for mine! I usually apply it with a synthetic brush, because it picks up much more product than a natural hair. My favourite foundation brush and the one I use for applying this bronzer is here. Always start with a small amount and build it up, because it is always easier to build rather than take away. If you want an even softer bronzed look, apply it with a beauty blender, but I will say it soaks up more product than a dense synthetic brush.

I hope you found this helpful.

Please comment below and let me know what you thought?



3 Ways to ACTUALLY relax

Hey guys, I hope you’ve all got that Friday feeling – I definitely do!! So I wanted to give you guys some tips on how to actually relax, because I definitely struggled with this up to recently.

So we all have certain things we do when we want to relax. It may be scrolling through Instagram, watching T.V or listening to music etc…

Do you ever find yourself anxious, stressed or uptight even when you haven’t had a tough day at work or college? Maybe this is because the things we do to relax, aren’t truly allowing us to totally let go and take a moment to ourselves. I know, I am guilty of it myself, we all are! Scrolling through Instagram or binge-watching Gilmore Girls always sounds appealing – but afterwards I have found that I am more tense than I was before… It is because instead of giving our brains a second to digest the day, we are filling it with other people, other information, more ‘stuff’. So here are a few tips to ACTUALLY relax:

1) Leave your phone outside your bedroom

I know, this one i actually laughed at myself the first time I heard it, but I PROMISE it works. We all get into bed with the intention of falling fast asleep – but most of us end up on our phones for the next hour or so. Studies have shown that this means it takes us ten minutes longer to go to sleep. Now that I have applied this tip to my life I can honestly say I feel SO much more relaxed and I get an overall better sleep.

2) Go for a walk

Now this is one that is always told to you, and if you’re anything like me, I never took the advice until the last couple of months. Things can get so hectic in life that getting out of the situation to gain perspective is often as easy as taking a stroll down the road. Not only do walks allow you to relax and take a moment but they are also a great time to re-evaluate situations or even just your day. The silence, fresh air (and lack of social media!!) really makes it that much easier to let go of everything and simply be.

IMG_7760.jpgBarna Woods, Galway – featuring my dog Riley 

3) Meditation

Meditation is often misunderstood because of the barbaric portrayals of it in movies or social media. I think it is only recently that people have realised how useful it is in our daily lives. We all get so caught up in comparing ourselves to others, but meditation allows us to focus on ME. I was introduced to Meditation while I studied in New York, where we did it every class (three classes per day). At first I found it a bit bazaar, but after a couple of days I felt my body fall into the ground, totally relax and for those 45 minutes I was totally at ease. It sets you up for a good day, which is half the work.

IMG_0677.jpgThe Plaza, New York, 2015

I really hope you found this helpful! Please comment and let me know what you thought.

Yours calmly,



This is me!

My name is Rachel Gilmore. An Irish, small town girl, who has wanted to make a blog for as long as I can remember (as cringey as that sounds!!)

I live in Galway in the west of Ireland. I am currently studying Makeup Artistry in the L.A College of Creative Arts, where I have already learned a huge amount about who I am as a person and as an artist.

I have been watching bloggers for as long as I can remember, and I always wondered where they got the courage to pursue what they really want in life and it wasn’t until recently that I realised that they were once me… Afraid, intimidated and definitely overwhelmed by the masses of bloggers out there these days… But they worked hard to get to where they are, and if I don’t at least try, I will always be left wondering ‘what if?’

So that is what I did – I opened my laptop, searched ‘starting up a blog’ and now I’m here… afraid, intimidated, but not overwhelmed because I know the number of followers does not define your blog, but the quality of the content that you create – which brings me onto my next point.

I love all things beauty and lifestyle related, which is where my focus will mainly be. I have tried countless beauty products and I cannot wait to share my honest opinion here on the blog… my blog… How exciting!! I believe in making ‘the beautiful’ FEEL more beautiful. Makeup and beauty in general can often be misunderstood. Some people believe that beauty products are about covering up the blemishes, or ‘flaws’ one might have. That is not what I believe in! I believe in making a person, feel more beautiful and often times they need beauty products to achieve this, but do not be mistaken. Beauty products enhance the natural beauty of a person – they don’t stand for concealing their so-called ‘flaws’. We are all beautiful, sometimes we just feel we need encouragement in the form of products! My blog will be largely based on beauty and lifestyle topics – However, if there are other topics you would like me to touch on, please do not be shy.

I am always open to suggestions,

Yours beautifully,



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