Hey guys! Today I have a post that has been highly requested, especially on Snapchat as I know there are so many young people watching/following. I have addressed this topic briefly before, but I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to it because believe me – I was in this exam ‘rut’ not too long ago.


Why is it that from as young as 13, we have a goal automatically assigned to us? The Leaving Cert, The Big LC, the dreaded exam that apparently decides the rest of your life. Lies. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to do well in an exam – for yourself. However, this doesn’t mean these, (often 4 hour exams) are your life.


We all have that person, it may be a parent, grandparent, your mum or dad’s friend, or a sibling that tells you the Leaving Cert isn’t everything. These are usually the people we shrug off because we believe they are just trying to be nice. Believe me. They’re not, they’re just right. They have been there, done that, and come out the other end. You should be listening to these people. Looking back it is hilarious that I believed all of these teachers, guidance councillors or friends that drilled it into our souls that our sole purpose was to get a good Leaving Cert and to go to college. According to teachers, if not college – what were you doing with the rest of your life? Your answer: living.


College-wise, yes it is great to have ‘high points’ to expand your options – but if education doesn’t appeal to you, why do it? Tell me – if someone told you, you had to train 60 hours per week or you don’t get to be captain of the football team, even though you have no interest in football… Would you train? Would you cry and sweat and get into a training ‘rut’? No you wouldn’t! Because football doesn’t appeal to you. Why do we treat formal education as if it is the basis of our lives? Being street wise and being kind is more important than figuring out the length of a side of a triangle. Is it not?


Therefore, what does that tell you? It tells you that living life, meeting people, hearing their stories, learning from EXPERIENCING is more of an ‘education’ than anything you will learn in a classroom or lecture hall.


Do me a favour. Study according to your ability, not to society’s.


Have a lovely day!


I love writing posts, knowing it may help one person out there. If it helped you please let me know!

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Spring Favourites!

Hey guys – I have an exciting post today. Since I graduated and have started working for myself, I have been trying out HEAPS of new products! (My favourite thing to do) I have been comparing formulas and trying to find staple products for my kit. Here are a few products I have fallen in LOVE with the past few months!

  1. Weleda – Skin Food

I have spoken about this on my Facebook page, so I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it is incredible. It is for rough/dry skin and has chamomile, viola and calendula extract that soothes your skin – it is no joke! I use it on those with dry skin, or on more mature skin. I still apply a primer but this ensures the foundation glides on effortlessly.

2. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – Liquid.

This foundation is my staple foundation for my blog. Medium coverage but you can build it to full with concealer and powder at the end. It suits most skin types, unless you’re overly oily. It lasts all day and doesn’t feel half as heavy as M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid but has an even nicer finish.

3. MAKEUP FOREVER – Pro Bronze Fusion Waterproof Bronzer – Shade 30M

I have never found a bronzer that doesn’t go patchy, or fade as the day goes on until I found this one. It was recommended to me by some of the girls in Makeup Forever for my kit. It honestly suits 90% of skin tones, as you build it up over a few times. It can go from a light bronze to a dark night time look. It is waterproof so is perfect for brides, or you criers on night out, haha! It never fades and is so creamy and blends so easily on the skin. A must.

4. Teddy Eye kohl – M.A.C

This pencil is so blendable if you’re going for a smokey eye. You can scribble it all over the lid and blend it out with a natural hair brush and you have a smokey eye in seconds! (Make sure to set it with a powder though, or it will slide all over your lid) It is also fab in the waterline, as it is not as harsh as black. It brings a look from soft to glam, but not a night time look. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a more natural look.

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‘No makeup’ makeup look


Hey gals, hope you are all enjoying the week. Since it is International Women’s Day I decided to strip it back for this post. As I have always said, these tips and reviews are all just a cherry on top of the cake that is you. These tips are to make you feel the best that you can feel. Having certain products doesn’t define your beauty and I think that is where social media can go astray. I love blogging, but I do not love everything about it. What I mean is, I never want to perceive that I have this perfect life, and perfect skin because of all these products because I don’t. And neither does your favourite Youtube or Blogger. Having said that, I am here to share with you my tips to make myself feel the best that I can feel. So kick back, grab a cup of tea, and I hope you enjoy my blog 🙂

I know some of the beauty tips/information can get quite overwhelming especially for those of you who have no interest in a whole face of makeup, and who rather a ‘glow from within.’ If that girl is you, or you’re the type of girl that likes full makeup, but doesn’t wear it every day keep reading…

Coming into the summer months, I always think this type of look is so flattering and girly. I love when the days get longer and you can taste the summer, just a few weeks away.


  1. Skin

You should always, always cleanse and moisturise your face first thing in the morning. Not only will it give you a clean glow but it will give you a fresh start to the day. I did a post on ‘how i prep my skin’ HERE. It will ensure your skin is glowing and looking awake.

Using an illuminating primer will make the skin look healthy and will highlight it ‘naturally.’ I absolutely LOVE the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. I apply it to my cheeks, centre of the forehead, my nose and chin. This is where the light usually hits the face first so you will look like a glowing goddess in no time!

If you are still looking a bit tired and have bags under your eyes i would suggest a light concealer. I use the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Concealer. It is very creamy, but if you set it with a powder under the eyes it won’t budge. I know you’re thinking powder??? That won’t make me look glow??? But if you spray a bit of Fix+ over top, you are good to go. Fix+ is like a glass of water for your skin. It is so refreshing and will not only make you look refreshed but it will make you feel refreshed. I do not think that any type of contouring or bronzing is necessary for this type of look, your own natural shaped face is contour enough!

Bonus for the divas:

If you are looking to go that EXTRA step, you can use a cream highlight that makes the skin glow that bit more. I love the Becca Cosmetics Cream Highlighters. They are just a little bit softer than the powder highlighters and look very dewy and healthy.


2. Lips:

Depending on your skin tone, a gloss is usually best for these types of days. You may need to reapply it throughout the day if you choose a gloss, but it looks absolutely gorgeous with this look. I would suggest a very neutral shade if you’re not sure of what would suit you. The Bare Minerals GEN NUDE Gloss are fab!!

3. Eyes:

Pop a bit of mascara on, any one that you are dedicated to will do. I never apply a second layer when doing this look, because it can get very clumpy and look well… unnatural, haha! If you wanted to take it to the next level, you can pop on some individual lashes to give your eyes a pop (though this is not necessary!).

I know this one is a short one, but it was highly requested over on Snapchat. I will try and do some more of these types of posts if you enjoyed it! Please let me know over on my social media:

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Hey guys! Today I wanted to do a bit of a different post. I absolutely love reading these kinds of posts (mainly because I am nosey) so I thought I’d write one myself.

1) Visit an exotic island

So this one is a bit of a random one. I would just love to visit a really cool island like Bora Bora, or Hawaii. I’d love to know if all those instas are realistic or just edited for hours… I really want to stay in one of those huts in the middle of the sea like on an episode of the Kardashians (wouldn’t we all??)


2) Swim with dolphins

I think dolphins are probably the cutest things in the world! My brother has done it before and I was so jealous. I actually have an obsession with cute fish, I think I have watched Finding Dory over 10 times already… I couldn’t count the amount of times I have seen Finding Nemo. (I also have a Nemo teddy) Anyway… what better way to swim with dolphins than on an exotic island (two in one!)


3) Become REALLY organised.

This is a pretty boring one… But also the most unrealistic one. I love buying notepads, and organising my makeup… but when it comes to my wardrobe and room I’m a disaster. I would love for just a while, to be on top of things. I’d also love to be less forgetful… That would be great. Don’t be fooled by pictures, its not all pretty all the time.


4) Visit/work in Warner Bros. Studio

This is one of the things I am most passionate about achieving. I absolutely love all the things that have been filmed in these studios. I write – a lot. Books, scripts, songs etc… so working here would be an absolute DREAM. However, I would definitely settle for just sitting in Central Perk and drinking a coffee. I visited Universal Studios in L.A a couple of years ago, and it is the buzz of creativity and ‘making’ that really makes me want to return. I absolutely love being creative and never want to be stuck at a job in an office. It just wouldn’t suit me. I always have to be creating. So yes, definitely on my bucket list.

5) Stay in a house in Long Island

No matter how long it takes me to save up for this one, I really want to stay for a week in a house by the beach in Long Island. I love the idea of staying somewhere close to a city like New York, but far enough away that there is fresh air and silence. The blissfulness of having it all. (is that a word?)


I have a serious obsession with going to Coachella. I don’t have much to say about this… but yeah. It has everything – perfect location, the sun, music – perfection.

7) Go Camping under the stars.

I may regret it once I get there, but I really want to go camping – properly. I want to camp under the stars, in a really cool place. I love the simplicity of it – the silence, packed lunches and a fire. Pure bliss. The dream. I would love to do it overlooking a city. Being in silence overlooking a city is a juxtaposing situation, but one that really appeals to me for some reason.

8) Drive Across America

This one has been a dream of mine since I first went to America with my Dad. I have been to the east and west coast, but everything in between is a mystery to me. There is so much history that goes with these states and I would just love to experience the culture of it. I think there is something special about driving through somewhere, instead of landing on a plane.  Often if you fly somewhere I find that all the attractions are concentrated in a specific area. I want to drive because seeing the outskirts of a state or city really tells you the real story. You get to see the state, from corner to corner, uncensored.

9) Go to see a ice-hockey match in Canada

I know, you are probably thinking ‘What? That is so random!’ Not really… My brother lived in Canada for two years and adopted a new found love for the sport. He supported the Canucks, and still watches them now. Well, my whole family got to visit him while he was over there, but unfortunately I was in an exam year and didn’t get the chance. I would love to go to one of these matches, because even if I never get to see his apartment or how he lived, I think the atmosphere in the stadium would be a taste of his life there. Plus – how cool would it be to watch someone playing a sport on ice, I can’t even do it on grass.

10) Live in New York for a year

Lastly but DEFINITELY not least. I would love to live here for even a year. I won’t babble on too long with this one because you know I have spoken about New York enough on the blog! I want to experience it, it in all its glory – on the bad and the good days! I can’t say that the life of New York is a mystery to me, but I would love to spend some time in Brooklyn or Dumbo.

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are having a nice and relaxing evening, so you’re charged up for the week ahead…

The My Favourite Single Eyeshadows post was a very popular one, so I thought I’d do a review on one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes of all time! As you can see it is the eyeshadow palette from the Makeup Geek and MannyMUA collaboration. I know that most of the eyeshadows I have spoken about are from Makeup Geek, and I do apologise I will try to have more of a variety of eyeshadows in the future. I adore MannyMUA so I immediately fell in love with this palette, I probably would have bought it if it was empty tbh. But no, I really do love this palette and wanted to share it with you guys!

The first shade in the palette is Artemis. This is probably the only colour that I don’t use very often in the palette. I prefer frosty shades for my brow bone or inner corner, and this one has a yellow undertone which I don’t love for a highlighting shade for the eyes. However, I do appreciate that there is a variety in there, because with this palette you can do a full look (hundreds actually).


The next shade is Beaches and Cream. I absolutely love this shade. It is great as a transition shade in the crease. It is perfect for most skin tones, and it is not too dark – such a creamy shade too which I always love especially in a matte finish. It is always better to go in with a transition shade that is not too dark and to build it up in steps… Less chance of making mistakes! (which I am prone to).

LUNA!!!! Omg you guys I absolutely fell in LOVE with this shade the second I saw it. It is UNBELIEVABLY creamy, and there is minimal fallout, if any! I usually use it with Fix+ and the colour pay off is incredible – so metallic, creamy and bendable. My heart was absolutely broken though, because I dropped the palette and only that colour smashed 🙁 But it is ok, I recovered most of the product and it’s perfect now!

The next shade is Cosmopolitan. It is a rose gold colour with a shimmery finish. I don’t usually like shimmers, I find they can look sort of tacky – its either GLITTER or matte for me. Don’t half-ass it! This colour is incredible all over the lid. I usually use M.A.C 242 to apply it, because it is synthetic so it picks up a lot of product.


Sora and Frappe are quite similar. Don’t get me wrong – you need both! I start from the lightest transition shade (beaches and cream) and build up from Sora to Frappe in the outer crease. These three shades alone can create a gorgeous natural matte look. They are also fab for a cut crease because they are warm, and don’t look muddy on the eye.

Insomnia – this shade seriously kept me up at night…. It is a duochrome shade. Depending on how the light hits it, it can look green, red/brown or blue!  3 in one??? Amazing! It is honestly one of the most buttery, creamy delicious shades I have ever used. I honestly think you could bathe in this colour and it would moisturise you. SO creamy… Moving on…

Left to right: Cosmopolitan, Luna, Insomnia, Mars

Mars – we have a love/hate relationship. This shade is THE most perfect shade of red I have ever used/seen. It really makes green eyes pop which is perfect for me. It is really pigmented BUT – It is not as creamy as the other mattes, which is so sad. However I don’t actually think it affects the blendability which is weird, but it does feel quite drying and chalky. I would still repurchase it if it came in a refill! (PLEASE DO REFILLS OF THESE SHADES MAKEUP GEEK)

Aphrodite is a deep plum red/brown. It is absolutely perfect for the outer crease. If you use this on the outer lash line, it will create that almond shape but is not as intense as black. Win-win! It is perfect for creating a more dramatic look, or just to add dimension to any look.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I absolutely love this palette and use it almost every day. Please let me know what you think down below, or on snapchat: Basicchic17

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Making Yourself A Tanned Goddess

Hello lovelies! That greeting seems only appropriate considering this blog post is all about tan. As we are dragged away from the dark days of winter and are edging towards the sunny season (or as sunny as it can be in Ireland), we are left in the middle of Spring. The big question is…. should we be tanned??? Is it too soon to be a bronzed goddess… my answer? NEVER. So here are a few of my all-time favourite tans and why.

Bellamianta Luxury Tanning – Dark – Rapid Mousse

This is definitely an all-rounder for me. I use it in dark, so for those of you who just want an inner glow, you can wash it off after 2 hours and it will be perfect. It is perfect for nights out, or on holidays when you want to be that bit darker. It has a very golden-olive colour, which I absolutely love – you always want what you can’t have! It say ‘odour neutralising technology ‘ on the packaging, and at the start it does smell quite nice – but I will say if you don’t wash it off on time, it does have that ‘tan smell’. It is not as strong as others, but still is not odourless. There is also a Bellamianta tanning lotion  that I absolutely love, but I do prefer the wear off of the mousse. Also, it dries in 6 seconds, so you better have quick elbows to tan your body or you may be left streaky, haha!


bBold Tan Lotion – Dark

I love this tan because it is a lotion and for me, they feel much nicer on the skin. However, that is just personal preference. I also find lotions do not dry as quickly, which is great for tanning the hands. I always mix in some moisturiser when tanning my hands though, just so I don’t look like I was out on the farm for the day, haha! It has Cocoa Butter so the wear off is really really even and lasts SUCH a long time. Also, the Cocoa Butter is SO moisturising. There are antioxidants in the Vitamin E, which reduces the signs of premature ageing!! Win win! I really like the smell of this tan too!


Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan – Dark

Now I am SURE most of you have heard all about this tan! It is a mousse and develops in 1 hour, but you can leave it on for 3 if you want it to be very dark. The tan will still develop after you shower so don’t worry if you look much paler after you shower. I will say the smell is the worst thing about this product, but I can get over that because I love the colour of this tan. It never develops orange, or mucky. I love the more bronzed look, especially during the day because it looks more natural.


Cocoa Brown – Gentle Bronze

This tan is GORGEOUS for the face, which is the only place I usually wear it. I know other people apply it all over the body, which does look fab. However I am usually a lot darker on my body than my face because I wear makeup. It is oil free so does NOT block your pores or cause any break outs. I think that is what people are afraid of when it comes to tanning the face – the tiny pores being filled up and looking like you have tiny black dots all over your face. This does the exact opposite and moisturises your face while giving it a fab bronzed look.


Bare Minerals – GEN Nude  Buttercup Lipgloss

I know it can be really hard to find a nude that suits a very dark tan. It can look like you have no lips if it is too light, and a browny nude can often look dirty. I saw this on Jaclyn Hill’s Sephora Haul, hyperventilated, cried and bought it. I got it in the shade ‘Groovy’ and it is literally the best gloss I have ever used. I have never used such a moisturising gloss and there were a lot of questions about it on my Snapchat so I thought I would just mention it here. It goes perfect with tan, and in my opinion it is nicest without any liner or liquid lip. It is a peachy nude and will literally suit almost all skin tones! Fab!!!


Tanning Tips:

  1. Always exfoliate for 3-4 days before applying the tan for an even application.
  2. To have your tan last longer moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Use an oil free moisturiser so it does not break down the tan.
  3. Always pay extra attention the the hands, elbows, knees and ankles when tanning yourself – moisturise them very well so there is no build-up of tan!
  4. If you are looking for even more of a GLOW – use a dry shimmering body oil. There are many  ones on the market that are fab, but Cocoa Brown do a good colour range, with three different colours for different shades your tan may be at!
  5. DO wash off the product when it recommends on the bottle, because if you don’t you may spill something, sweat or get rained on (likely in Ireland) and ruin your tan.


Yours bronzedly,



Hey guys! Hope you are enjoying the Midterm (if it applies to you). If not, I hope you are enjoying the lighter traffic in the morning! I know foundation can be such a difficult thing to master – finding the right one for your skin type, and skin colour/tone can be an absolute pain. You always hear different opinions, from different sales people that want you to buy from their brand. I wanted to share with you some of my tips and hopefully it will help one of you!

Finding your colour

If you cannot find your colour in another range, take one of your own foundations that you trust is your colour, and enter it into Findation.  I swear this site is a life saver, it converts your exact colour into the same colour in a different brand. SO HANDY! Finding your colour is half the battle.

Figuring out your skin type

The next step is figuring out your skin type. You would be surprised how many people don’t know theirs! If you are oily, a foundation with a matte finish is best for you. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid, or there is also a new Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation.  It will last longer and you won’t find your foundation is breaking up as easily. Also make sure you set the foundation, it will make it last all day. The Laura Mercier powder is great for oily skin, your foundation will not budge! It is quite an investment though, but if you are living in or heading to the states any time soon, they do it in a mini in Sephora, so you don’t have to invest in the full size.

If you have skin like the Sahara desert like me, then a foundation with a more dewy finish is perfect for you. The Hourglass Seamless Finish Foundation Stick  that I never shut up about is available on Grafton Street. I did a full review on it HERE. It is so dewy and fresh looking and NEVER gets cakey on me. It is full coverage and will ensure your Sahara face is turned into fresh, healthy looking skin! Even though we are dry, we still need to set the face. You can use any powder to be honest. The more I use, the more I realise that a face powder is a face powder, find one your trust – none have blown me away yet. The Laura Mercier is quite drying so I don’t use it as much anymore, but it is great for oily skin. I currently use the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Powder, but to be honest I don’t think that it sets my face very well and it is EXPENSIVE!

Once you have found the perfect foundation – we can begin!

1)Cleanse and moisturise!

Always, always cleanse and moisturise your face. Your skin is the blank canvas and we need it to be as smooth and even as possible to ensure the foundation gets it’s best shot at making you look like a goddess!! Even if you are oily, you still have to moisturise (you could be oily because you aren’t moisturising and your skin is secreting excess oils to make up for the lack of!).

2) Primer

Any primer you love will do. I absolutely love the L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer – Guerlain. It feels so hydrating on my skin. Primers are for oil control, so you do not need them all over the face unless you are oily all over! No need to waste product, just apply it to the areas your makeup seems to slide away (this is usually the T-zone area). For dry skin, I would recommend using Fix+ from M.A.C to give the face some hydration and make it look very moisturised. (I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin) Do not buy the full bottle, if you have never tried it before. They usually do minis up at the counter, so buy it to try it out and you won’t have to invest in the full thing!

3) Applying the Foundation

For oily and dry skin, applying the foundation is the same. I would use a synthetic brush to apply it. I love the Morphe M439 . It is very densely packed with bristles, so it will give your foundation a very smooth, flawless coverage. This is when you see the magic of your cleansing, moisturising and priming. The foundation will sit beautifully and will not look cakey.

4) Applying Concealer

Applying concealer is very easy, if you do not use too much. I usually apply my concealer with a beauty blender, you do not need to spend money on the original – that price is outrageous, the Real Techniques one is absolutely perfect. This ensures you do not end up with a cakey mess under the eye because the beauty blender will soak up any excess product you may have applied. I usually set this immediately using any translucent powder, to ensure it doesn’t sit into the fine lines/wrinkles. I use the Tarte Tape Shape Concealer, and absolutely love it but you can use whatever works best! I usually apply it under the eyes, and in the centre of the forehead.

5) Set the rest of the face

As I said, set the face using any powder at all. This will ensure your foundation stays in place all day. If you are dry I wouldn’t recommend using the Laura Mercier Translucent powder, as it is very matte for all over the face. However you can use it all over the face if you are oily.

6) Applying bronzer

Before setting the face I usually apply the Soleil Tan de Chanel just under the cheekbones, to give a dewy glow, using a beauty blender. However if you are looking for a more defined contour, using a powder would work perfectly. You can apply the powder after you set the whole face! Begin at the top of the ear until you reach just under the apples of the cheek. Be careful not to apply it too far down, because this can make your face look rounder and can get quite messy.


Unless you are oily, highlighting is PROBABLY your favourite park of your makeup routine. When I whip out that highlighting brush I honestly feel so powerful. I am actually a loser. I usually apply Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics on the tops of the cheekbones, centre of the forehead, tip of the nose, cupids bow and chin (basically everywhere, haha). If you do not have this highlighter you NEED IT. Honestly. It is absolutely amazing, I could not do my makeup without it.

I am sorry this post is very content heavy, and clearly not very pretty but I really wanted to go into the finer detail without sugar-coating it. Finding the perfect foundation can be so difficult, so I really hope this helped at least one person. Please let me know in the comments below if you liked this post?

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Brushes I think Everyone Needs

Brushes are a relatively new thing to the beauty industry, and are often overlooked which I think is such a pity! Your brushes are your tools and are often the only things that will work WITH you when doing your  makeup. I find that if a foundation is not sitting right, or eyeshadow isn’t blending it is because of the brush you are using. If you find the right ones they will be your best friend – and when you do, it will be your skin, foundations or eyeshadows that are the problem! Lol –  there is always something. I am going to strip it down the the bare minimum of brushes you need. Do not waste your money. Brushes are important but you don’t need 40 different ones. I use mostly Morphe Brushes because I think they are the best, and most affordable brushes. This is not sponsored.

Morphe Brushes – M433

This is a blending brush, made with goat hairs that will blend your eyeshadow seamlessly. I usually go in with my transition shade using this brush because it ensures it doesn’t go too high up in the crease and get too messy. It is tapered, so it is great for blending that initial shade into the crease. Because it is goat hair it will apply your product in a more sheer amount. This ensures you don’t go in with too much product at once – remember, it is easy to build but not as east to take away!!

Morphe Brushes – M441

This brush looks almost the exact same as the M433, but it is longer so has a TOTALLY different purpose. I use this to ensure there are no harsh lines left and usually use this with almost no product on it to ensure the look is very seamless and perfect. It is also a goat hair so it will apply product much more sheerly. When using these brushes it is very obvious that they have two different uses. This brush is much less firm so when applying product you have to be careful not to start too high up in the crease.

M.A.C Cosmetics – 242

This brush is great if you are applying any sort of pigment, or foiled eyeshadow. It is synthetic so it will pick up a huge amount of product, which will apply generously to your lid. I do not think that you have to spend 25 dollars on a brush. This type of brush can be bought loads of different brands, but I cannot recommend one as this is the only one I have. It is great though, especially if you are going for something very metallic, you can spray some Fix+ on this and it will make the product POP.

Morphe Brushes – M321

Do you ever wonder how to get that perfectly place eyeshadow under your eye? Why does it look like you have a black eye when you attempt it? It is because you do not have a brush like this! This brush is amazing for applying product under the eye. It is so precise and so easy to use, so nothing gets messy. It is tapered so it is very precise and is usually used for the crease, to get a perfectly defined crease. It is so versatile and THAT PRICE! Amazing brush.

Morphe Brushes – M439

This brush is absolutely amazing for applying foundation. It is super dense so it glides on your face perfectly, seamlessly blending your foundation into your skin. Honestly, it is the best foundation brush I have ever used. It is so affordable and versatile too. I use this to apply cream bronzers (my favourite being the Soleil Tan de Chanel). It is an incredible brush!

When it comes to powder, I have not found anything that has WOW’D me so i didn’t feel I should recommend you buy anything that isn’t amazing. I have ordered some powder brushes from a few different sites, so I will let you know how I feel about them.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought down below in the comments.

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I realise that the title of this blog post sounds a bit far-fetched, or even impossible to achieve. However, the secret to being confident isn’t about how you appear, it is about how you think.

I honestly believe that everyone is capable of being confident, no matter what their circumstances are. Our perception of confidence is often frayed by movies or TV shows – where you should be pretty, tall and slick to be confident. Type casting should be a thing of the past. The truth is, being confident is about realising why you are here.

Am I here to adhere to the norms? Am I here to please everyone? Am I here to put everyone’s happiness ahead of my own? NO! You are here to figure out what makes you happy and do it. You are here to speak your mind, to follow your dreams, to change the norms. I know, I know this post may be a bit melodramatic, but please believe me when I say confidence is a mindset that you will not regret adopting. It comes with deepening your understanding of yourself and your meaning.

Have you ever been self-conscious about your weight? Have you every wondered if those girls are whispering about you? Have you ever been afraid to do something in fear of judgement or rejection? Same. We are all human and I am not saying that there is some magic potion to make you the most outgoing person on the planet. However, I do think that each and every person reading this blog, should take a step back and ask themselves: Am I here, to do what I’m doing?

If not, then change that. The past year for me has been such a turning point in who I am as a person. I have mentioned it before on the blog, but being who I want to be is so freeing. In the grand scheme of things our struggles and insecurities will do nothing but hold us back from what we should be doing. Speaking our mind, following our dreams and changing the norms.

Disregard all ‘advice’ along the way, such as: ‘Nobody likes a show off’ or ‘don’t get ahead of yourself there now’ I promise that once you start listening to yourself, confidence will ooze from all aspects of your personality. Remember, it is not a certain appearance, it is a mindset. Only you can control it.

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Hey guys! I hope you all have that Friday feeling because today’s post is a good one. Eyeshadows are one of the beauty products that I am super particular about, for so many reasons. I am sure we have all experienced a time when you set out to do a particular eye look and it just isn’t turning out right. It either is too patchy, or not blending correctly or simply not how you expected.

Well today I wanted to share with you guys a few single eyeshadows that I can always depend on, because they just never disappoint! With these eyeshadows you are almost guaranteed the look you are going for. All of these eyeshadows are from Makeup Geek. It is not sponsored, I use these products for two reasons: 1. They are very affordable and I am all for that life. 2. Their formula is second to none for the price. They are bendable, creamy and pigmented.

1. Desert Sands

This is honestly my DREAM transition shade. It is warm, pigmented and very bendable (as are all of the shades, I’m just not a cool coloured type of girl). I will say that out of all the shades, this one has the most kick-back, which is weird to me because none of the others do. Having said that, I can manage a bit of kick-back for the dream colour.


2. Cocoa Bear

This colour is just a perfect deep brown, to darken up the outer crease. It also give the eye so much more depth because it has a slight red undertone in it. It is perfect for almost any skin tone and is such a versatile shade. This is actually the only one I hit pan with, so I am on my second in two months!


3. Bitten

This, along with Desert Sands would be the two I would bring to a desert island with me (I’m so punny). This one is GORGEOUS especially on people with green eyes, like me. I could actually write a book about this shade. It does have some kick-back, but when you’re developing a shade that has some red in it, that is expected. It is almost impossible to develop a red without kick-back. This one – you NEED. It is so creamy and easy to blend, so you don’t get that chalky, patchy look like with a lot of other eyeshadows on the market.


4. Frappe

This colour is a very neutral shade. Not too much grey, not too warm either. It is perfect for every eye colour and skin tone. It is probably the most universal shade in the collection. This is gorgeous even by itself all over the lid. I use it mainly as a transition shade, and because it is so neutral you can pop on any colour over top.


5. Grandstand

Does this colour not just give you the feeeeels? I genuinely smile every time I see this colour (yes, I am aware, I am a loser). It is so metallic even by itself, but if you pop some Fix+ from M.A.C it takes it to the next level. It is such a gorgeous champagny, pinky foiled eyeshadow. It is a foiled eyeshadow so fallout is expected – but it doesn’t have any. Music to any girl’s ears. No fall out from a foiled eyeshadow?!?!? – Makeup Geek have some magic potion in their labs, I’m convinced.


6. Poppy

This colour, I have used the least out of the six – but it is in the list for good reason. If you are like me and keep to your neutrals, having a colour like this in your palette is a great idea, because it inspires me to get out of my comfort zone!  I absolutely love this shade, because it is the one pink that doesn’t make me look crazy. I find that if you use a pink, and especially if you bring it up too high in the crease you can start looking like a clown. Not with this one, and it will be used and abused as we come into the summer months.


If you are from Ireland these shades can be purchased from Beauty Bay. I think these pictures are much more ‘true to colour’ than the pictures on the site.

I hoped you liked this post. Eyeshadows are something I am very passionate about so I would love to do more of these.

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