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Hey guys! Today I have, as my snapchat followers will know – one of my most exciting posts for me! I am absolutely obsessed with Sephora, and obviously had to ask my brother to bring me back some goodies from Dubai.

This isn’t the biggest haul in the world but the stuff I got, I am IN LOVE.

  1. Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer | 102 Tantric

This bronzer is extremely buttery and is the easiest bronzer to blend, in my opinion. I would say it is for medium skin tones, because I wear this with a bit of tan but its not overbearing or mucky on the face. I do love the colour, but it is the formula of this bronzer that made me fall in love. I really look forward to using it during the summer, as it is so buildable and you don’t end up looking orange or too brown.  This bronzer retails for $49 and you get .8 oz in it. This is so much product especially for a bronzer. Overall I would definitely recommend it, even though it is a big pricey.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick | Pure Hollywood

This purchase was one I hadn’t put much thought into because I knew I liked the colour and I trust the brand and their products. I did NOT think I’d be this impressed. The texture is moussy but thin at the same time. It feels like you have absolutely nothing on your lips and it is definitely the most moisturising liquid lip I have ever used. I didn’t use a liner with it, so it didn’t stay totally on, but again that was after an 8 hour day of working in a bust environment so thats not exactly a complaint. It was such a comfortable formula to wear and the colour is perfect for my skin tone.  It retails for $20 but I already know it will last very long because I used very little when applying it, and didn’t really have to reapply throughout the day, until the very end.



3. Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette | Rose Gold Edition

This palette is a purchase I definitely put a lot of thought into (including dreaming about it at night and during the day, hahah!). I have only used the matte colours so far so I can’t speak for the chrome pressed pearls or 3D metal eyeshadows just yet. However as seen on my snapchat (@basicchic17) the matte shades lasted all day and didn’t fade at all. I have never used eyeshadows that have such a long lasting formula on the eyes. I did find that one of the shades in particular didn’t blend as well, but that could be my brush wasnt totally clean from the previous shade. I will report back on my snapchat as always! Overall really love this palette and its definitely worth the money especially if you have blue or green eyes. It retails for $65 with 18 shades. Initially it sounds very expensive but when you break it down it is value for money.

4. Too Cool For School | Egg Cream Mask Hydration

Ok, so this mask was done right before I put makeup on which was a total mistake. I didn’t see proper results because I was trying to rush the process to get to work on time and slap on some makeup. I shouldn’t have done that! However when I did remove the mask it left my face tacky and feeling hydrated. I loved how it felt I just wish I didn’t apply makeup straight after. It would be a fab mask to do on a pamper day. And no, it doesn’t smell like eggs, haha! It retails for $6 per mask but it works out cheaper at $24 for  5 masks. They are so affordable, and I’d suggest buying the single one to test out whether or not you like it.


I hope you enjoyed this post! I honest adore writing about makeup and sharing my opinions and I hope you gain some knowledge from some of my tips and tricks. Tutorials are my favourite things to do, so follow me on Snapchat if you want to see some more.



Hey guys! Today I have a post that has been highly requested, especially on Snapchat as I know there are so many young people watching/following. I have addressed this topic briefly before, but I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to it because believe me – I was in this exam ‘rut’ not too long ago.


Why is it that from as young as 13, we have a goal automatically assigned to us? The Leaving Cert, The Big LC, the dreaded exam that apparently decides the rest of your life. Lies. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to do well in an exam – for yourself. However, this doesn’t mean these, (often 4 hour exams) are your life.


We all have that person, it may be a parent, grandparent, your mum or dad’s friend, or a sibling that tells you the Leaving Cert isn’t everything. These are usually the people we shrug off because we believe they are just trying to be nice. Believe me. They’re not, they’re just right. They have been there, done that, and come out the other end. You should be listening to these people. Looking back it is hilarious that I believed all of these teachers, guidance councillors or friends that drilled it into our souls that our sole purpose was to get a good Leaving Cert and to go to college. According to teachers, if not college – what were you doing with the rest of your life? Your answer: living.


College-wise, yes it is great to have ‘high points’ to expand your options – but if education doesn’t appeal to you, why do it? Tell me – if someone told you, you had to train 60 hours per week or you don’t get to be captain of the football team, even though you have no interest in football… Would you train? Would you cry and sweat and get into a training ‘rut’? No you wouldn’t! Because football doesn’t appeal to you. Why do we treat formal education as if it is the basis of our lives? Being street wise and being kind is more important than figuring out the length of a side of a triangle. Is it not?


Therefore, what does that tell you? It tells you that living life, meeting people, hearing their stories, learning from EXPERIENCING is more of an ‘education’ than anything you will learn in a classroom or lecture hall.


Do me a favour. Study according to your ability, not to society’s.


Have a lovely day!


I love writing posts, knowing it may help one person out there. If it helped you please let me know!

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Spring Favourites!

Hey guys – I have an exciting post today. Since I graduated and have started working for myself, I have been trying out HEAPS of new products! (My favourite thing to do) I have been comparing formulas and trying to find staple products for my kit. Here are a few products I have fallen in LOVE with the past few months!

  1. Weleda – Skin Food

I have spoken about this on my Facebook page, so I don’t want to go into too much detail, but it is incredible. It is for rough/dry skin and has chamomile, viola and calendula extract that soothes your skin – it is no joke! I use it on those with dry skin, or on more mature skin. I still apply a primer but this ensures the foundation glides on effortlessly.

2. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation – Liquid.

This foundation is my staple foundation for my blog. Medium coverage but you can build it to full with concealer and powder at the end. It suits most skin types, unless you’re overly oily. It lasts all day and doesn’t feel half as heavy as M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid but has an even nicer finish.

3. MAKEUP FOREVER – Pro Bronze Fusion Waterproof Bronzer – Shade 30M

I have never found a bronzer that doesn’t go patchy, or fade as the day goes on until I found this one. It was recommended to me by some of the girls in Makeup Forever for my kit. It honestly suits 90% of skin tones, as you build it up over a few times. It can go from a light bronze to a dark night time look. It is waterproof so is perfect for brides, or you criers on night out, haha! It never fades and is so creamy and blends so easily on the skin. A must.

4. Teddy Eye kohl – M.A.C

This pencil is so blendable if you’re going for a smokey eye. You can scribble it all over the lid and blend it out with a natural hair brush and you have a smokey eye in seconds! (Make sure to set it with a powder though, or it will slide all over your lid) It is also fab in the waterline, as it is not as harsh as black. It brings a look from soft to glam, but not a night time look. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a more natural look.

Hope you’re enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought over on snapchat: basicchic17



How To Stop Making Excuses

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while since I posted… I have no excuse.

I have realised in the last few weeks that I had left the blog to the side and focused on my other Social Media – which is not acceptable! This blog is the only place I can truly say how I feel in (many) words. I don’t ever want my attention to stray from where this has all started. No excuses. Focus Rachel!

Although I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on the blog, this time has also made me realise that I make excuses for so many other things in my life! Gym, healthy eating, socialising, and work! And I am definitely not alone on this one, as this blog post has been requested over on Snapchat: @basicchic17

Often people say ‘stop making excuses’, ‘get up and go’, ‘work hard, play hard’ ….. but we are all still left there thinking – but HOW? Well, here it is:

  1. Make a List

Sit at a desk or table, not a couch or bed because this way you’ll be more focused. Compile a list of all the goals you have for yourself, beit work, friends, hobbies or health related. You can go as far as categorising if you’re as weird as me, haha!

2. Be hard on yourself

For this moment in time, you want to be as harsh as possible, be your worst critic. It is cruel, but strip your life apart for ten minutes and be realistic – what do I want to achieve? What in my life is not to the standard that it should be? Am I doing enough exercise? Spending enough time with family? Working in the right job?

3. Strategize

Ask yourself – how EXACTLY will I achieve this? Not a brief ‘I’ll spend more time with mum’. No. That will NOT motivate you to do anything, it won’t happen and then you’ll be upset with yourself. The only reason I say you can be harsh on yourself is because when you achieve these goals, the rewards will be invaluable. For example instead you say: Every Friday I will bring Mum, dDad, my brother or sister to do something together – it could be as simple as watching a movie or visiting their house, to having afternoon tea with them as a day out. Make your strategies as descriptive and realistic as possible. The more descriptive they are, the more likely you are to understand, and apply them to your life.

4. Reward Yourself

It may be an inevitable reward, such as the time you spend with your family is irreplaceable. However it could be a different type of reward – such as having a long bath after you worked harder than you ever have before. Or having a glass of wine after leaving that miserable job that you were never passionate about anyway, and jumping into a new, more fulfilling journey ahead.

My point is, stop making excuses and instead – make a list! Be realistic, harsh and work towards your goals – step by step each day. If you’re anything like me making excuses comes as second nature to you – but you and I together, can build ourselves up to the standard that WE want. For us. Because no one else will. No excuses. Focus people!



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