Are exams your life? They shouldn’t be.

Hey guys! Today I have a post that has been highly requested, especially on Snapchat as I know there are so many young people watching/following. I have addressed this topic briefly before, but I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to it because believe me – I was in this exam ‘rut’ not too long ago.


Why is it that from as young as 13, we have a goal automatically assigned to us? The Leaving Cert, The Big LC, the dreaded exam that apparently decides the rest of your life. Lies. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to do well in an exam – for yourself. However, this doesn’t mean these, (often 4 hour exams) are your life.


We all have that person, it may be a parent, grandparent, your mum or dad’s friend, or a sibling that tells you the Leaving Cert isn’t everything. These are usually the people we shrug off because we believe they are just trying to be nice. Believe me. They’re not, they’re just right. They have been there, done that, and come out the other end. You should be listening to these people. Looking back it is hilarious that I believed all of these teachers, guidance councillors or friends that drilled it into our souls that our sole purpose was to get a good Leaving Cert and to go to college. According to teachers, if not college – what were you doing with the rest of your life? Your answer: living.


College-wise, yes it is great to have ‘high points’ to expand your options – but if education doesn’t appeal to you, why do it? Tell me – if someone told you, you had to train 60 hours per week or you don’t get to be captain of the football team, even though you have no interest in football… Would you train? Would you cry and sweat and get into a training ‘rut’? No you wouldn’t! Because football doesn’t appeal to you. Why do we treat formal education as if it is the basis of our lives? Being street wise and being kind is more important than figuring out the length of a side of a triangle. Is it not?


Therefore, what does that tell you? It tells you that living life, meeting people, hearing their stories, learning from EXPERIENCING is more of an ‘education’ than anything you will learn in a classroom or lecture hall.


Do me a favour. Study according to your ability, not to society’s.


Have a lovely day!


I love writing posts, knowing it may help one person out there. If it helped you please let me know!

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